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The Airdrie Lioness Club is so proud of our community involvement!

Highlights of Some of Our Service Programs

The Airdrie Lioness Club Hamper Foundation, a Registered Charity with CRA, provides a number of services and support in Airdrie. Our largest program is the Adopt-A-Family Christmas Hamper Program, which helps over 300 families have a Merry Christmas.

When you think of the Lioness you think of Pies and Christmas Hampers. We do make pies and we do make Christmas Hampers but we also do so much more!

Our focus is to help every dynamic within our community - Children, Teens, Seniors and families within Airdrie.

We sponsor Senior’s week and serve at their luncheon because it’s important to let the elder residents of our community know that they are appreciated and not forgotten. We provide for a few comfort items for them to enjoy in what should be their golden years. We installed a gas fireplace in Bethany because the original wood burning one was deemed unsafe.

For children and teens and families, we support the Airdrie Library by purchasing state of the art computers for primary children, because our future, the future of Airdrie depends upon growing children that can access the tools they need for a brilliant future. We’ve provided funds to build within the library because it faces a growing demand for its services by so many youth and adults. Literacy is paramount to a prosperous community. With that same line of thought, we donate to build school playgrounds, a safe haven for physical activity and creativity. We’ve purchased books for school libraries to expand their reading programs.

Community Links is a recipient of funds through the Lioness for emergency needs and programs for youth and families as well as The Airdrie Food Bank. With the Airdrie Food Bank, the Lioness has sponsored the Milk Program, The Breakfast Program, and The Snack Attack Program in schools and provided funds to help purchase the freezers that the Food Bank need to store fresh grocery items.

The Airdrie Lioness enables all these organizations to expand their programs and their facilities. We provide within the Food Bank our Caring Closet. That’s a place where parents that are struggling financially can go and pick out a birthday gift for their child at no cost. We’ve visited all the schools within Airdrie to inform their support facility to let parents know that there is help available.

I don’t know if any of you have taken a train ride at Ironhorse Park but we provided funds to allow them to build a birthday room and do some landscaping. This allows them to make the funds they need to keep the trains running. They provide a wonderful place for Airdrie families to enjoy.

The Lioness has supported The Boys and Girls Club, Supplies for Success. The list is long. Because wherever we find the need within Airdrie - we do our best to fill it. The Lioness isn’t limited to helping one specific program, we work to help as many as we can to make the biggest impact.

We make blankets. It’s another great team-building activity that has benefited the Neo Natal department of the Children’s Hospital, as well as seniors and families in crisis. Our way of giving them a warm hug.

Do you know that we provide hampers even though it’s not Christmas. Because there is always someone in need – a family that’s lost a loved one, or have lost their home in a fire, or are just struggling to get by.

We serve our community with Pride and Joy and are blessed to live in Airdrie.


Airdrie P.O.W.E.R

Supporting Airdrie P.O.W.E.R

We are proud to Support Airdrie P.O.W.E.R. by making a donation of $2,000.00. This group of ladies have taken on a very ambitious project and are committed to see it through. Protecting Our Women with Emergency Resources is a facility long past due for Airdrie, and these ladies have stepped up to make it happen. All too often women of domestic violence go unnoticed, these women need a place to go for support and help. The Airdrie Lioness are proud to be a part of helping Airdrie P.O.W.E.R. make this happen.




Community Links - Emergency Fund Program

Community Links
We donated $5,000.00 to Community Links for their Emergency Fund Program. A portion of these funds was also used to support the Hats off to Seniors lunch and Celebration held during Seniors week in June. This is a very well attended celebration and as always with Community Links making it a great day for our local seniors!




The Early Literacy Station Donation

Our children are the future, and as they say it takes a community to raise a child. The Airdrie Lioness Club are proud to continue our support of The Early Literacy program at the Airdrie Public Library.

One of the Early Literacy Stations at the Library has stopped working and the line up of children waiting to use the remaining station is long at times. The children of our community love this station and we are pleased to be able to donate an additional $3,750.00, that will be used to purchase the new computer.

Donation to Early Literacy Station   Donation to Early Literacy Station



Iron Horse Park Donation

In May, we made a donation of $200.00 to Iron Horse Park. This is such a great place for people of all ages to go and enjoy. Lets make sure the train keeps on chugging.

Donation to Iron Horse Park




Bethany Care Society

Our donation to the Bethany Care Society was used for a gas insert for their fireplace. The fireplace is located at the front entrance and is a cozy spot where the residents and families gather.

Donation to Bethany Care Society




Koinonia Christian School

With our casino funds the Lioness were able to support the Koinonia Christian School with a $5,000.00 donation that will go towards a playground. We are very excited to see it when it is completed and will post photos.

Donation toKoinonio Christian School




Blanket 4 Kids Program

Blanket 4 Kids Program

For the 2016 blanket program we made 40 blankets!

From our hands to their hearts, 28 blankets were taken to the Brenda Strafford House to be given to the women and children who are given a safe place to live while they build back their lives.

We were also able to give 12 Blankets to the Children's Cottage where they will be used to keep the little ones warm.



Blanket 4 Kids Program     Blanket 4 Kids Program


Community Links Donation

The Airdrie Lioness Club donated $1,000.00 to Community Links for their emergency Fund. They use these funds to give out to people when they need the help the most. A warm blanket, gas to get to their job, food when the cupboards are bare, mitts and hats when the weather is freezing, and much more. We are very fortunate to be able to give.

Donation to Community Links


The Den

                          Opening June 21, 2014
Thanks to the generosity of the Airdrie Lioness Club and the Airdrie Lions Club, teens now have a place of their own at the Airdrie Public Library!
The Den opened on June 21, 2014.

(Photo Credit: Nicole Braun, Airdrie Echo, June 30, 2014.)


Pie Sales - Airdrie Home & Lifestyle Show

For this annual spring event the Lioness members make home made pies and sell them as a way to make some money to continue to run our programs.

Selling Pies!

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