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Deadline to drop off Gift Card Packages is Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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1. How do I apply to sponsor a family?

Download, print and complete the form on the "Sponsor-a-Family" page of our website and email this form to airdrielioness@gmail.com

2. How much does it cost to sponsor a family?

Below is a chart giving an approximate cost for families of various sizes. The costs will vary depending on a number of factors, for example: ages of family members (seniors, adults, teens, children and babies) and number of children in the family.

• Family 1: $325 - $350

• Family 2: $375 - $425

• Family 3: $450 - $550

• Family 4: $500 - $600

• Family 5: $625 - $750

• Family 6: $675 - $825

• Family 7: $750 - $925

• Family 8 and above: $800 - $1,000+

3. Once I complete the paperwork to sponsor, when will I get the information about the family I have been matched with?

We will not be matching families this year, as the program will be gift card based. We will match your gift cards to the appropriate family size and ages.

4. What is in a Gift Card Package?

Gift cards to go towards the families Christmas day meals and typically one gift/family member. A variety of gift cards will be included, grocery store, toy store, clothing stores, fast food, restaurants, bowling etc. Please support local as best you can. Gift cards must be hand delivered to the Lioness by December 1, 2020. Please email airdrielioness@gmail.com to arrange drop off.

5. Where do I bring my Gift Card Package?

Once you have purchased all of your gift cards, please send na email to airdrielioness@gmail.com and we will arrange a drop off date and time. All packages must be dropped off by December 1st.

6. Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, we respect the wishes of our Sponsors to remain anonymous if they desire.

7. What if my family or company wants to spend more than the recommended amount on the Gift Card Package?

Sometimes Sponsors (individuals and organizations) collect a lot more for their adopted family than expected. If this should happen, we would ask that you or drop off any excess gift cards when you deliver your Gift Card Package to the Lioness. The more families you are able to help, the more Christmas spirit you are able to share.

8. I would like to contribute, but can't afford to sponsor a family.

We recognize that not everyone is able to adopt-a-family, and we greatly appreciate your willingness to help. Every little donation towards our program counts - whether it is a single gift card or $10.00 in cash. Please feel free to give any size of donation.

9. Can I specify the size of family and children's ages of the family I wish to sponsor?

This year is a little different, you may request a family size, but unfortunately we will not be matching sponsors with specific families. We will take your gift cards and match them to families based on ages.

10. Will I receive an income tax receipt?

Official Tax receipts are also available for All financial donations of $20.00 or more. Tax Receipts are also available for the Gift Card Packages provided that you complete the "downloadable Tax Receipt Form" and submit the original store receipts at the time you drop off your package. .

11. What does the Airdrie Lioness do with any excess gift cards that are donated to the program and not utilized in a Gift Card Package?

We will do our best to use the excess to sponsor any families that have not be sponsored, any donations after December 1, will logged for future use.

12. Where can I make a cash donation to the Airdrie Lioness Christmas Hamper Program?

Monetary donations are accepted by mail. Donations can also be accepted through ATB Cares.

Our mailing address is:

    Airdrie Lioness Hamper Foundation
    P.O. Box 80102
    Downtown PO
    Airdrie, Alberta
    T4B 2V8


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