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Quick Links and Information for Sponsors:
Deadline to deliver Hampers to Depot Thursday, December 12, 2019
Sponsor Sign-up-Form
Directions to the Depot
Tax Receipt Form

1. How do I apply to sponsor a family?

A. Download, print and complete the form on the "Sponsor-a-Family" page of our website.
    and email this form to

B. Telephone the Airdrie Lioness Adopt-A-Family Christmas Hamper Program at
    (403) 660-1569.

C. Email the Airdrie Lioness Adopt-A-Family Christmas Hamper Program at:

2. How much does it cost to sponsor a family?

Below is a chart giving an approximate cost for hampers of various sizes. The costs will vary depending on a number of factors, for example: where the food is purchased, the amount of 'nice to have' items included in the hamper, the amount spent on gifts.

• Family 1: $325 - $350

• Family 2: $375 - $425

• Family 3: $450 - $550

• Family 4: $500 - $600

• Family 5: $625 - $750

• Family 6: $675 - $825

• Family 7: $750 - $925

• Family 8: $800 - $1,000

3. Once I complete the paperwork to Adopt-a-Family, when will I get the information about the family I have been matched with?

Most of the recipients of the Adopt-a-Family Christmas Hamper Program are referred to us by community agencies. We started taking referrals from agencies November 1, 2019, therefore we expect to have a list of families ready to adopt by mid November. Many self-referrals to our program come in at the last minute, so you may be assigned a family in early December. Please let us know if you have specific time restrictions and we will work with you to find an appropriate solution.

4. What is in a hamper?

We have put together lists of hamper items for families of various sizes. These are available here on our website. The hamper lists include items that must be included in the hamper and items that are "nice to include" in the hamper. A Gift certificate for a turkey or ham must also be included. Gift cards must be hand delivered to the hamper depot staff when you drop off your hamper, and must NOT be wrapped.

Hampers typically include one gift/family member ($50.00 maximum per person). The Program asks that gifts stay close to this price range per person in your adopted family.

Please do not provide any home-baked, home-canned items, or alcohol. Please check all dates on food to ensure it is not expired.

5. Can I include a Christmas card in the hamper?

Yes, if you wish to pass along holiday wishes to the family that you have adopted, please feel free to include a greeting card in the hamper.

6. Where do I bring my hamper?

Please ensure that your Hamper boxes are not too heavy for one person to lift and that each box is clearly labeled with your hamper number on it. Our Depot will be open to receive Sponsor Hampers starting Tuesday, November 26, 2019.

7. Can I deliver my hamper to the family I have adopted?

Many Sponsors ask to meet the family;  however, due to confidentiality and privacy laws, this is not possible. We make every effort possible to obtain family feedback to pass on to the Sponsor, though it is not always feasible.

8. Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, we respect the wishes of our Adopt-a-Family Sponsors to remain anonymous if they desire.

9. What if my family or company wants to spend more than the recommended amount on the hamper we sponsor?

We prefer that all hampers are equitable therefore we suggest that the sponsors follow the guidelines that we provide.

Sometimes Sponsors (individuals and organizations) collect a lot more for their adopted family than expected. If this should happen, we would ask that you consider either adopting another family or dropping off any excess at the Lioness Christmas Hamper Depot so that we can put it toward another family who does not get sponsored this Christmas. The more families you are able to help, the more Christmas spirit you are able to share.

10. I would like to contribute, but can't afford to sponsor a family.

We recognize that not everyone is able to adopt-a-family, and we greatly appreciate your willingness to help. Every little donation towards our program counts - whether it is a can of cranberries, a box of candy canes or $10.00 in cash. Please feel free to drop off any size of donation to our depot in December. Please note our hours of operation.

11. What types of donations do you require the most?

Gifts for teens and adults are often in short supply. Gift cards are great ideas for teens and adults - i.e. movie, bowling, restaurants, haircuts, clothing stores, malls.

12. Do I wrap the gifts that are included in my hamper?

If you would like to wrap the gifts, please do. Discreetly mark the wrapped gifts with the age and sex of the recipient or you can elect to provide wrapping paper and tape so the parent can wrap the gifts.

Gifts cannot be wrapped if you are asking for a Tax Receipt for your donation because they will need to be verified at the Hamper Depot per Government of Canada regulations.

13. Can I specify the size of family and children's ages of the family I wish to sponsor?

We make every attempt to match you to a family that you desire; however, we cannot guarantee it.  To ensure you get a family in a timely manner, we will assign you a family no larger than the size that you request.

14. Will I receive an income tax receipt?

Official Tax receipts are also available for All financial donations of $20.00 or more. Tax Receipts are also available for the hamper contents (food and gifts, less GST) provided that you complete the "downloadable Tax Receipt Form" and submit the original store receipts at the time you drop off your hamper. Charitable gift receipts will be issued for the value of the good contributed, less taxes as Revenue Canada does not allow for the receipting of taxes paid.

Do not wrap any gifts if you are requesting a tax receipt.

15. What does the Airdrie Lioness do with any excess food or toys that are donated to the program and not utilized in a hamper?

Any food that is left at the Hamper Depot after the hampers have been distributed will be donated to the Airdrie Food Bank. Toys will be used in conjunction with local programs in partnership with the Airdrie Lioness Club such as the Airdrie Lioness Birthday Closet.

16. Where can I make a cash donation to the Airdrie Lioness Adopt-a-Family Christmas Hamper Program?

Monetary donations are accepted in person at the Hamper Depot or by mail. Donations can also be accepted through ATB Cares.

Our mailing address is:

    Airdrie Lioness Hamper Foundation
    P.O. Box 80102
    Downtown PO
    Airdrie, Alberta
    T4B 2V8


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